• Flow metering of renewable gases

    Biogas, biomethane, hydrogen, syngas and mixtures with natural gas

The objective

The overall objective of the project is to increase knowledge about the accuracy and durability of commercially available gas meters after exposure to renewable gases. This should lead to the improvement of existing meter designs and flow calibration standards.

Latest news

Final Project meeting

At the end of September we had our final project meeting including…

Training session

At the 29th of September there will be an training session held…

M29 publishable summary is now available

18NRM06 - M29 Publishable Summary

NewGasMet Stakeholder meeting at the 9th of March 2022

At the 9th of March 2022 The NewGasMet Consortium will held a…

3rd newsletter Newgasmet

Newgasmet newsletter This newsletter is explaining the progress…

NEWGASMET presented at the international conference CIM 2021

NEWGASMET was presented with a poster at the international conference…

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