Deliverable D1

Deliverable D1 is a literature study of the impact of renewable gases on the accuracy and durability of gas flow meters. The literature has been gathered from public documents and a survey from gas R&D institutes, TSOs, DSOs, laboratories and/or manufacturers and others.

The turnout of this survey is described for each of the gases (syngas, Hydrogen, biogas, raw biogas and biomethane) and can be found at the link below.

D1 – Report on the impact of renewable gases, and mixtures with natural gas, on the accuracy, cost and lifetime of gas meters

Deliverable D2

Deliverable D2 is defining an acceptable range of gas compositions for each renewable gas family that matches current production capabilities, available technical capabilities and actual needs. The documents can be found in the link below.

D2 – Report stating the acceptable range of gas compositions, which will be suitable for use with metrology gas meters and which support the new “renewable” framework

Deliverable D3

Deliverable D3 is defining the tests that have already been performed for each meter technology, and renewable gas family/gas compositions by using the literature survey from D1. By using these tests, it can be concluded for each gas meter technology which gas compositions that never have been tested. The conclusion may in turn help to define, which gas compositions (belonging to the gas composition ranges listed in D2) that never have been sufficiently tested and which need to be tested (and the impact will be analysed). The documents can be found in the link below.

D3 – Report on the tests which need to be performed during calibration to enable the use of renewable gases with existing gas meters

Statement to the Deliverable D3

Statement about the reporting in deliverable D3 point 3_ver1.1