Expert group formation

Partners have aligned expertise and capabilities within the NEWGASMET-consortium. An expert group was formed to evaluate the currently used CEN TC237 gas meter standards for conformity with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) for renewable gas use of gas meters. With the rise of the usage of renewable gases in the gas distribution grid, it has to be evaluated to what extent the currently used meters will give correct readings of the amount of supplied gas. The considered gases comprise, amongst others, hydrogen and biomethane.

For issuing a type approval and market entry for domestic gas meters, it is current practice to calibrate domestic gas meters with air. The air calibration for natural gas meters is accepted to be representative for the sufficiently accurate (for example 1.0% of total gas supplied) natural gas reading when installed in buildings.

The MID is used for type approval for a variety of gas meter types including rotary displacement, turbine, diaphragm, ultrasonic, and thermal mass flow gas meters. Durability effects (the correct reading of a gas meter over time) will be investigated in two manners (I) from the known physical and chemical effects, and (II) by a durability test protocol involving actual measurements. Learnings will be included into the evaluation of the standards against renewable gas use.

The expert group partners consist of: Cesame, CMI, Enagas, FHA, FORCE, ISSI, Itron, LNE, MeterSit, NEL, PTB, SICK, VSL, Honeywell and are in close contact with the CEN/TC237 chair.

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