NEWGASMET stakeholder meeting at the 21 January

Dear all, Following last NEWGASMET meeting for the mid-term of the project, consortium organizes a stakeholders meeting on the 21st of January at 10.00 – 12.00 CET. The meeting will be held as an web conference and will present progress…

NEWGASMET M18 Consortia meeting.

The mid term consortia meeting will be held at the 25th and 26th of November 2020. The meeting will be held as an web-meeting and will also include an meeting with the stakeholder committee.

2nd newsletter Newgasmet

The second newsletter is now available 
Natural gas closed loop calibrationbench at CMI

NEWGASMET M9 Consortia meeting in Lille, France.

The second project meeting in the consortia was held in Lille in France at the 5th and 6th of March. In the continuation of this meeting a stakeholder committee meeting was held at the 5th of March.  

European Energy Gases Workshop

NEWGASMET will be present in the upcoming 'European Energy Gases Workshop' organized in NPL by the European Metrology Network on January 22nd. The workshop will offer the opportunity to discuss and prioritise future energy gas measurement challenges…

Working Group for Measuring Instruments

WP4 Impact leader Kurt Rasmussen and Chief stakeholders Jim Sibley took part on November 22nd in Working Group for Measuring Instruments (WGMI) which advises European Commission on issues relating to the implementation and practical application…

Expert group formation

Expert group formation Partners have aligned expertise and capabilities within the NEWGASMET-consortium. An expert group was formed to evaluate the currently used CEN TC237 gas meter standards for conformity with the Measuring Instruments…

Stakeholder Committee web meeting

The first stakeholder committee web meeting was held at the 9th of september 2019 with stakeholders from CEN, Farecogaz, Marcogaz, DGC, Manufactures and TSO's.